A Scientific Revolution in Psychological Therapy.

The Fastest, Most Effective Treatment for Depression, Anxiety, Phobias & Eatings Disorders Currently Available Anywhere.
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A Scientific Revolution in Psychological Therapy.

The Fastest, Most Effective Treatment for Depression, Anxiety, Phobias & Eatings Disorders Currently Available Anywhere.
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The Bateson Clinic, Dublin

A specialist clinic directed by Dr. Padraic Gibson, dedicated to relieving human distress as briefly as possible through rigorous, scientific clinical research and treatment for psychological and relational disorders. More recently, we have featured in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).


Gold Standard Treatments

Through years of continuous applied clinical research we have now devised “Expert Intervention Protocols” for treating the most invalidating psychological problems and pathologies.

Some of these protocols truly represent Gold Standard – best practices: such as the protocols for treating panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobias, anorexia, bulimia-vomiting, binge eating, etc. Our continuous research has also expanded to managerial and educational contexts (See our published book in the ‘About Us’ section).

Due to our ongoing clinical research we are excited to say that our work has become increasingly more effective and efficient and our problem solving and communication strategies have received worldwide recognition for their efficiency and effectiveness.


Anxiety & Phobias Success Rate

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Depression Treatment Success Rate

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Eating Disorders Success Rate

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Effective, Efficient Techniques

Our two original Models – Brief Strategic Therapy® for treating severe psychological and behavioral pathologies, and Strategic Problem Solving and Coaching® for solving personal and interpersonal problems within managerial and organizational contexts, have also been applied to improving professional and sporting performance.

These two models distinguish themselves for their ability to effectively intervene where rational, ordinary and traditional techniques have continually failed or shown little effect.

The main objective of our work, which follows a truly scientific method and technological research approach, is to make each new technique we devise more: effective, efficient and more repeatable so that we can fulfill our objective of solving complicated human problems as simply as possible, as effectively as possible and as briefly as possible.


“I think that this clinic really sets an international Gold Standard for the treatment of OCD and its rapid resolution of patients problems.”

Dr. Ed McHale
Founder of The Clanwilliam Institute
Former President of The European Association for Psychotherapy

“The clinic was energising, empowering, though provoking and informative. We now plan interventions based on what the have learned there. The Clinic is a great training centre.”

Louise Casey
Principal Medical Social Worker
Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Studies

“…one of the most effective clinics I have ever used as a GP – I recommend it fully to colleagues and patients alike…

Dr Patrick O’Mathuna
Medical Director
Castlemill Medical Centre, North County Dublin

“…treatment is fast and effective and the staff are extremely helpful… the Clinic has definitely transformed the lives of many of my patients…”

Dr. Rafid Kashan
Dame Street Medical Centre

“As a professor of family therapy, I cannot recommend the training enough. My students consistently evaluated the training as being of highest quality, engaging and instructive. Concepts were explained with elegant simplicity providing clear explanations of assessment and intervention for a myriad of problems, I look forward to my students doing the training again next year.”

Professor Jeff Jackson
PhD, LMFT Virginia Tech,
Haycock Road, USA

“I fully recommend the book Winning Without Fighting, as it begins a conversation that deeply respects individual persons trapped by interactional problems, and offers a resolution process so efficacious that the person experiences that they did it themselves.”

Ray Leonard BSc., MA
Senior Psychotherapist, Trainer & Supervior
Health Services Executive, Ireland

“With their vast experience in the clinical and educational contexts, their book has managed to provide specific and effective solutions for the most complex human problems.”

Professor Giorgio Nardone
Strategic Therapy Centre, Italy

“Their work speaks the language of hope an possibility, providing a model that refuses to pathologize the individual, their work build hope and positivity.”

Professor Carmel Borg
University Of Malta

“Providing solutions in the face of seemingly impossible no-win situations, their work is an effective and winning solution to complex human problems.”

Professor Carmel Cefai, PhD (Lond) FBPS
Head of Department of Psychology
University of Malta

Professional Training

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Recent Publications By Padraic Gibson




“The book is a gem… excellent… scholarly…”

Professor Alan Carr, PhD, Professor of Clinical Psychology, University College Dublin


“A key text for those wishing to better understand… contemporary… therapy.”

Professor Sean Davis, PhD, Alliant International University, California, USA


“This is a ‘God-send’… our field has been waiting for this book.”

Dr. Imelda McCarthy, PhD., University College Dublin, Fifth Province Associates



Professor Jeffrey B. Jackson, PhD, Virginia Tech, University, Blacksburg, Virgnia, USA


“… insightful, pleasurable… brilliantly embracing the best of the greatest thinkers and researchers in the field.”

Dr. Charlie Azzopardi, DPsych., Founder and Director of the Institute for Family Therapy Malta


“A must read for those not yet convinced of this therapy’s effectiveness.”

Dr. Ed McHale PhD, Former President of The European Association for Psychotherapy, Co-Founder of The Clanwillam Institute


“A must read for all school-based practitioners and those in the field of education.”

Professor Erna Nairz-Wirth, Educational Sciences Group, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria


“… based on their vast experience and research… the authors have managed to provide specific, effective solutions for each problem described in this book.”

Professor Giorgio Nardone, PhD, Scientific Director, Strategic Therapy Centre, Arezzo, Italy


“An invaluable resource… effective and winning interventions.”

Professor Carmel Cefai, Phd (Lond), FBPS, Head of the Department of Psychology, University of Malta



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