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Clinical Supervision to Professionals

Clinical supervision at the Bateson is availble through a number of qualified supervisors.

The process can be used to assist those seeking to meet the criteria for registration with the Irish Council for Psychohtherapy, the Family Therapy Association of Ireland and the Psychological Society Ireland.

Main themes explored in Clinical Supervision at The Bateson Clinic are:

  • Addressing risk management in cases where violence, abuse or self harm are possible
  • Exploring ways of consulting to other agencies or managing interagency collaboration in complex cases
  • Addressing therapist-client relationship issues
  • Exploring resistance and how this can be linked to therapists working too hard in the sessions
  • Exploring how to help clients disengage from therapy networks in complex cases
  • Exploring how to help clients engage in therapy, so more family members attend and fewer and drop out
  • Exploring how to conceptualize and manage clients non-attendance for sessions
  • Addressing therapy-related stress and burnout
  • Exploring issues specific to psychological disorders
  • Exploring ways to help clients use time between sessions more productively
  • Exploring intergenerational issues
  • Exploring broader contextual or societal issues influencing families
  • Exploring how to help therapists to end therapy and disengage from responsibility for client

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