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What Is Brief Strategic Family Therapy and How Does it Work?

Most families struggle when they come upon conflict and difficulties and they usually spend a long time trying to solve the problems on their own with limited success and usually end up feeling helpless to change.

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Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT) is a structured, problem-focused, and practical approach to the “treatment” of child, adolescent and family problems. Some adolescent problems may be associations with antisocial peers, early drug use and the accompanying problematic family interactions, strained relationships and conflict.

Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT) is a proven treatment intervention shown to be effective for all types of family, adolescent and child problems. BSFT successfully reduces problems in adolescents and strengthens their families. BSFT provides families with the tools to overcome individual and family risk factors through:

  1. focused interventions to improve difficult patterns of family interaction, and
  2. skills building strategies to strengthen families.

BSFT provides specialized engagement strategies for bringing families into therapy however WE REGULARLY MEET PARENTS ON THEIR OWN IF ANY MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY ARE UNWILLING TO ATTEND this has shown to be equally effective through coaching parents in resolving the problem.

BSFT is designed to target both the problem behaviors in families as well as the way the entire family functions. The therapist works with the family to identify interactional patterns that give rise to and/or maintain problems. After these patterns are identified, the therapist helps the family change these patterns to encourage positive family interactions.

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