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Services to Organisations

At The Bateson Clinic, working Systemically with Organizations is our specialty. We are qualified to explore organisational problems with this powerful new perspective. We assist with any challenges faced by Managers, Boards or Staff. We also provide qualified legal advice and services.

Padraic Gibson Holds Postgraduate Qualifications in Organisation consultancy and Clinical Psychotherapy. His is currently the Clinical Director of the Bateson Clinic and has been a senior manage in HSE Funded services for the past 10 years. He is also currently a training clinical supervisor at the department of family psychiatry in the Mater Hospital Dublin.

Padraic is also a doctoral researcher at the world renowned Tavistock Clinic London and has presented on the subject of systemic thinking in organisations and clinical practice in Ireland, the UK and Italy. Padraic specialises in training managers and those who specialise in coaching and HR in the use of persuasive dialogue and creating change in highly resistant environments. He also provides strategic workplace dialogues to both enhance the work of teams and to prevent costly conflictual processes from arising.

Our Objective With Organisations

In today’s changing and uncertain financial climate, a practical and theoretically grounded management intervention teamed with specific skills and experience is essential for being able to manage your way through change and the uncertainty that this brings.

We like to think systemically about organisations and we seek to assist them to reshape themselves. We also seek to help organisations through change or conflict in a way that maintains motivation in their workforce. Using our contemporary model of management consultation based on Systemic Theory and practice we can make help a manager, staff or board deal effectively with any challenges.

We provide multiple levels of assistance to organisations and can act as a ‘one stop shop’ for relationship and change management with Padraic Gibson and legal issues and advice with our qualified Barrister and HR Consultant.

Our Model

We take the organisation to be something that is constructed continuously through individual interactions with others, both within and without the organisation.

In a world where organisations consist less of bricks and mortar, and more of a network of relationships and objectives, it is increasingly important for those working in and with organisations to be able to think and act in a context of this new organisational reality.

Building on principles and methods originally developed in the psychological arena, we will show how an emphasis on connection, context and communication can help managers and others involved in change, deal with issues of identity, leadership, and learning faced by staff in today’s complex work environment.

Focusing On Relationships

‘Simplistic One way cause and effect thinking’ and a central focus on the role of the individual employee, is no longer sufficient. Managers and change agents now need to make use of the insights and interventions offered by a systemic and social constructionist perspective that highlights the roles played by behaviour, meaning and reaction in how people construct shared meaning in human systems.

Professional Services Offered to Organisations

  • Conflict resolution
  • Work Place Dialogue
  • Change Management
  • Team Discussion
  • Effective Strategic Planning Processes
  • Staff Supervision, Frontline and Clinical Supervision

Law and Legal Services

  • Legal Assistance and Representation
  • Creation of Legally Correct Human Resource Processes
  • Legal check up on all organisational procedures

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